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to run against him.Isr▓ael is now in a period of 21 days during which anyone who can enlist a majority of parliament members can attempt to form a government.However, if▓ Netanyahu's position

in the Likud remains strong, it could be years before he is ousted."He will hang in there and tell the public that he is innocent until proven guilty," said Gideon Rahat, professor of the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."He is now


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     fighting for his life. The question is how far his supporters will stay with him," Rahat added.Netanyahu's political▓ prowess in the Likud, and the right ▓wing as a whole "is unprecedented," Raha▓t told Xinhua

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    . "He will use this power to avoid prison.""He skillfully managed to suppress any ca▓ndidate who showed potential of replacing him," Rahat added.So as long as Netanyahu's power in the Likud remains solid


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, a third round of election seems to be the most probabl▓e outcome after the 21 days are over. Now that the▓ indictment is official, for

Netanyahu, an election is▓ the optimal course."Elections are closer, because Netanyahu is now weakened,▓" said Shlomo Egoz of the Politics and Communications depart▓ment at Hadassah Academic College.According t